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one one & one

exhibition in 蘭陽博物館, yilan

2019 , June , 14


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we truly appreciate re-think invited one one & one to participate the event : deep sea restaurant.

we have an average of 8 million tons of plastic wastes fluxed into the ocean every year, and the numbers are still growing.

the amount of human wastes will surpass the sum of all fishes on earth by 2050, as some scientists predicted.

↓ photo by / re-think

re-think has devoted in beach clean-ups and issues among ocean pollutions, thus bring ocean-wastes to the dinner table and build this deep sea restaurant. the event is collaborated with national palace museum and lanyang museum, the restaurant will be open in the hall of lanyang museum. all courses will be presented in stunningly beautiful ways but please don’t swallow them for your own health.


↓ record photograph / one one & one

invited by lanyang museum, the art group one one & one will be presenting part of their works during the exhibition. artists have filtered out their materials from countless sands by the beach, the filtering process could be quite long and repetitive, but the results are always amazing and inspiring.

title: deep sea restaurant exhibition

time: 2019/6/14~9/3