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apart from time - nana's bridge



2020 , June , 19


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memories are fragmented, often inconsecutive, thereby giving them a dreamlike property. their cracks and fractures need not be repaired, as it is through these imperfections from which we can glimpse into the past.

with memories, the sky is the limit, and in the limit is where we dwell.


anpu’s latest single “apart from time:nana’s bridge” is a story that has taken her 18 years to tell, a track that conveys her emotions toward some of those she misses most.


anpu’s latest single “apart from time:nana’s bridge” is a story that has taken her 18 years to tell, a track that conveys her emotions toward some of those she misses most.

for her first release in 2020, anpu has decided to finally record and release “apart from time:nana’s bridge”, a track that has seen repeated requests by both her fans and label(s) to receive an official release over the past two decades.

way back at the turn of the millennium, when burning cds were still the best way to share music, and anpu was just getting used to her new alias deserts chang, was when this track first took shape. just 20 years old at the time, anpu was trying to make the best of the final days of her grandmother’s life, spending much of her time by nana’s sickbed. her nana had lost much of her strength since being admitted to the hospital, and anpu discovered that her grandmother had also lost interest in the praise and worship gospel songs that she frequently listened to. through conversations that anpu and her grandmother shared by the hospital bed, anpu was able to sense a deep longing her nana had for her grandfather that had passed away two years prior.

building upon these experiences she had shared with her grandmother, anpu quickly wrote and recorded a demo of “apart from time:nana’s bridge” to encapsulate the emotions she had felt overnight. with lyrics that were simple and easy to understand, it captured how her grandparents fled their war-torn homeland while they were young, and of the memories anpu shared with them while she was growing up. recorded and burnt on to a cd, anpu’s grandmother was particularly fond of the track, and it was put on replay in her hospital room until she unfortunately passed.

in anpu’s mind, her grandparents not only shielded her sensitive personality as a child from the harsh world outside, but also provided her with the fundamental perspectives and character traits she would grow up to possess. passing on their skills of meditation, farming, and calligraphy, her grandparents also taught anpu to be a grateful person with a good sense of humor. now, 18 years later, and also to commemorate her grandfather’s passing 20 years ago, anpu has invited her longtime friend berry j to act as producer, finally entering the studio to record this track for both her family and friends.

anpu’s brand new single is a mournful but not overly sentimental blend of emotions.

combining a grateful glimpse into the past with a forward spanning perspective into the future.

produced by berry j, while berry j has also recomposed and refined the track.

an accompanying short film will be released later this year in april.

the film will focus on discussing the war inside one’s head, and reflect upon the meaning of peace.

anpu’s fans have heard her perform the track “apart from time:nana’s bridge” acoustically in the various concerts and performances she has had over the years, and have made frequent requests that it be given the proper studio treatment they believe it deserves. even though it has been one of her most highly sought after tracks, anpu has never really entertained the notion of releasing an official studio version of it. it was not until her pregnancy last year, and through conversations with her friend - famed producer berry j, that she finally committed to recording “apart from time:nana’s bridge”, as a commemorative track for the twentieth anniversary of her grandfather’s passing; with berry j also agreeing to produce and recompose the track.

under berry j’s artistic touch, “apart from time:nana’s bridge” has been transformed into a six minute journey through time and space. the track not only takes sounds and noises from anpu’s daily life and incorporates them, but also includes the mumbles and giggles of her new born child. these sounds give the track a visual imagery, in which one is able to see into both the past and the future. the latter part of “apart from time:nana’s bridge” also has anpu providing multiple choruses, imprinting an impression that this track is not merely an ode to her grandparents’ turbulent youth, but also a tribute how tenderness and courage makes humans grow. visual production company hi-organic has again been invited to collaborate on a short companion film for “apart from time:nana’s bridge”. the narrative of the film wishes to focus on the concept of warfare not being fought in faraway lands, but how it is the daily alienation of those different from us.

the trilogy of “life and death, memories, and the temporal world”

taking inspiration in narrative structure from famed tang dynasty poet li shangyin, join anpu at the crossroads of the times.

anpu has always been a creator with tremendous depth: sometimes using simple and easily understood words to convey complex emotions, while sometimes employing double entendre to summon detailed imagery. this depth has gradually become part of her image among fans, being a human being who can bring about truthful comfort, while also being able to act as a thought invoking prophet. similar to li shangyin and his poetry, anpu has built a reputation as a creator who is worth one’s repeated attention, as one might first only grasp the surface, while only later be awed by the complex depths of her work.

the trilogy of singles which had its first part “zoea” released in 2019 went on to receive appraisal from both old and new fans alike. with “apart from time:nana’s bridge” representing the second part of the trilogy, the track focuses on memories; with anpu channeling the gratitude and recollections that she has kept for her grandparents after all these years into it. the song invites listeners to build upon the childlike innocence it first presents, while making introspections about human emotions and life of the present.

“apart from time:nana’s bridge” is set for release on jan.17th. a track that not only seeks to comfort the past in this year’s warm winter, but also a song that inspires to extend its blessings to everyone’s tale of childhood and coming of age.