An Ode to Moss



2020 , June , 05


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anpu, the bard, grounded yet enlightening,

To Earth eternally renewed does dedicate,

Tribute to all souls scarred by fighting,

After unending life and death, a regulate,

To simpler life, a returning

And humble respect for our world


Following the philosophical fable of “ZOEA” with its fable about river crabs, and the touching tribute to childhood “Grandma’s Bridge,” this final chapter in Anpu’s 2020 musical trilogy also serves as an urgent wake-up call to the world. This sincere piece is composed of sharp observations about our present, conveyed through the metaphor of the humble moss.

In nature, the origin of life arises from the merest presence. Moss, an unassuming creature, presses humbly against the surface of the earth, echoing the heartbeat of the world. Although to spread and expand is a natural drive, it remains in the darkness, murmuring secrets in a language unfathomable to all.

That is the secret of life, the secret of the earth. Randomized, tiny spores drifting through the shadows eventually land in wet soil. Life might have bloomed from such humble happenstance. After an endless cycle of days and nights, Moss can sweep wildly across miles and miles of those deserted paths, becoming a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Living in the present time is not easy. 2020 is a year that will be uniquely and deeply engraved in the memory of human society. It is also a year that forces us to look to our inner selves in introspection after the exhausted overreaching of our collective consciousness. These sudden changes have illuminated the extreme poles along the spectrum of humanity— darkness versus light, mercy versus malice, fear versus hope, all at the same time— and serves as a reminder of humanity’s limitless greed in contrast with the great force of nature with whom we are now forced to make peace. As civilization has come to this, now it is time to meditate on the simplest and most essential tenet: “To Live”.

Anpu continues following her true instincts and revelations in each stage of her life. She always challenges herself with innovative art forms and visual and aural interpretations. Recently, she has pivoted her attention from self-expression to focusing on the relation between humanity and nature, and agendas relevant to the public interest. In concert with this people-forward directive, HTC VIVE ORIGINALS chose to collaborate with Anpu and the award-winning Taiwanese visual art team Hi Organic, known for its innovative and cutting-edge work. Together, they aim to provide audiences with a new sensory experience through a VR + AR exhibition.

The director and his team at Hi Organic will lead the audience on an interactive journey through limitless time and space with this innovative art form. The most intimate conversation between a person and the universe will be revealed by stimulating brain waves with visual graphics, and resonating eardrums with the emerging beats of the earth—together, lifting the audience’s experience from the present time to futuristic dimensions.

↓ 360°, 8K Teaser

As a down-to-earth yet extraordinarily inspiring musician, Anpu’s sharp sensibility interprets humanity and philosophy with ease; her insight on life experience and magnificent imagery is integrated into her music. In a departure from her previous work, this song showcases a fresh mix of elements, reminiscent of black velvet’s softness intertwined with its metallic reflection. This original style has yet to be defined or categorized in today’s Mandarin music scene, and evokes a sense of order being puzzled from chaos. By breaking down old forms of consciousness, we are faced with the scattered and most essential echoes of life, and also the potential to create anew our grandest fantasies.

Towards the end of the song, “Moss” sings in layered harmonies as a group repeats in a frenzied chant: “You Are Perfect to Me.” Moss’s language may be impenetrable to humans, or perhaps, like the philosophical wisdom of LaoZi and Zhuangzi, observes the changing world with an aloof indifference. When something good happens to you, Moss says: “You are perfect to me.” Yet when something bad occurs, Moss still says: “You are perfect to me.” Just as there is no absolute good or bad in life, if you can still find beauty in imperfection and hardship, you have hope for the future; perhaps this is the secret revelation that Moss has been trying so earnestly to impart.

As human beings, we are grand yet so small. Maybe after a long and bumpy journey in life, every traveler walking alone in a dark forest will finally notice the long lost stars; after turning off all the noise in the world, we might finally hear the singing of Moss, so clear and resonant in the dark.