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Tags > #exhibition


one one & one

exhibition in 島東譯電所, hualien

2019 , March , 23


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since the last "hi! we are back!" the ocean debris photography project which comes from qixingtan, one one & one went to the next place: baishawan. the beach looks clean for most of the time, but if you dig it out, it's not clean; the debris stays in the beach in a very different way. so one one & one tried to clean the beach over there, and also filtered out the various plastics from the filter to figure out this future kitchen project.

in the process of sorting out the debris, one one & one found the fun of plating, and looked more closely at the appearance of various debris. one one & one hope to share the ocean problems in a witty and lovely way. this time, one one & one use the debris from the beach and plate them, but do not stick, do not making more debris, using the debris to "cook" different dishes. one one & one hope to holding a bigger and more interesting exhibition in the future. everyone will rub the debris together, cook together, and then the beach can be more and more clean.

this is what we make.

this is what we consume.

this is what we throw away.

this is what we eat.

this is our future kitchen.